Protein Shakes for Diet and Weight Loss

Loosing weight is a science and is not only about the calories you consume but is about the foods you eat within your nutrition program, millions of people are trying to loose weight and to become healthier, fitter and more successful. If you are looking to shed fat and gain muscle adding protein shakes to your diet could be a great option.
People have realized that the food you eat it affects your body and in the quest for their dream body have been replacing with shakes as a healthy alternative to snacking, some shakes are designed as meal replacement shakes (MRP) and have become very popular over the last few years.

What are the benefits of shakes for diet and weight loss?

• Healthy Snack
• Convenient to take with you on the go.
• Can be make in less than 30 seconds
• Aids fat loss
• Aids Muscle gain
Protein shakes or shakes is there a difference?
Protein shakes are different and come in a few different forms depending on what you want the shake to do, some are fast releasing some are slow released over 5-6 hours, some have added ingredients to further aid fat loss or to help gain muscle or weight, here is my guide to a few of the different types you can purchase to help in you’re pursuit of your dream body.
Whey Protein Concentrate – This type of whey goes through the least amount of filtering and processing, and is often higher in fat and carbohydrates due to the cheaper manufacturing costs. Often 70-80 percent protein.

Whey Protein Isolate – This type of protein has been filtered removing most of the fat and carbohydrates leaving a high fast absorbing quality protein. Above 90% pure protein
Hydrolysate protein – Often the most expensive of all the protein powders available due to it being filtered and pre digested, making it very easy for the body to absorb, some manufactures use 2 to 3 of these methods so check the label to find out what you are getting for your money!
Casein Protein – Casein is a slow release protein that is often taken before bed to allow the amino acids to be drip fed to muscles whilst you sleep.
Meal Replacement Shake – MRP can be be an idea way for busy people to help substattute there diet, they often have more ingredients than a shake to give a more balanced meal however they are not as good as a nutritionaly balanced whole food meal.

What exactly are diet shakes?

To be frank, allot of these so called diet shakes are no magic pill however will help aid you in your weigh loss persuit, they normally add things such as green tea (which can be purchased from the super market) or L-Cartanine which has been shown to aid in weight loss via changing how the body deals with carbohydrates the rest is made up of regular whey proteins.

These foods are not necessarily a smarter choice than whole healthy foods but they can help ‘’supplement’ ‘your diet and help your metabolism by increasing the number of small meals you have per day. I normally recommend 1-2 shakes per day between meals to curb hunger and allow for good protein to help repair your body whether that be from a hard workout of just from a stressful day your body needs an requires protein to function and be healthy.

Top 10 Tips for maximizing weight loss from shakes.

1) Use a high grade of supplement don’t just buy cheap powder
2) Look for products that are isolates as these are the lowest in fat
3) Green Tea and L-Cartanine will help assist you loosing weight
4) Try to have 2-3 shakes per day
5) Having higher protein content in your diet has proven to aid fat loss
6) High protein diets are proven to boost metabolism
7) Do not use milk this is high in fat and sugars not what you want for weight loss
8) Keep changing flavours to keep it interesting, some taste great also!
9) Make sure you have a balance of all aminos and vitamins
10) Using a shake post workout is the most efficient time to help aid recovery


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